3 Steps Towards Finding Happiness


I’m no mind reader, but I guarantee you if I asked 1,000 people what they want out of life, most of them would give me the same answer…

“I just want to be happy!!”

Am I right? : – )

So if everyone just wants to be happy, how come so many people aren’t?

I think it comes down to this…

Knowing you want to be happy is great. But you also need to know HOW to get there!

Unlike almost everything else, happiness isn’t something you can just order from Amazon.

And you can’t eat/drink/spend your way to happiness either. (Believe me, I’ve tried!).

Finding happiness actually takes some effort. And I think it’s time we start rising to the occasion.

These 3 steps will help to get you started:

The first step to happiness is BELIEVING that you deserve it.

It sounds simple enough, yet deep down so many of us don’t believe we deserve to be happy. I’m no shrink, so I won’t tell you to tackle your childhood demons, or ask you about your relationship with your mom. We all know that we can’t change our past, but we can create our future. And it starts with loving yourself enough and believing that you truly matter.

If you are struggling with self-worth and valuing yourself, you might need to seek out some professional help. And no, that doesn’t mean asking yourself WWOD (What would Oprah do?).

Once you know you truly do deserve to be happy, it’s time to decide what ‘being happy’ looks like to you.

One technique I love, is scripting your life.

It’s where you literally write out your story, exactly how you would like it to be. It’s kind of like being a screenwriter and crafting the script of a movie where you are the lead character.

There’s something incredibly powerful about putting pen to paper and writing out your goals as if they have already happened. And studies have shown that people who write down their goals, have a much higher chance of achieving them.

Review your life script often. (First thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night is a great time to do this as you are more relaxed and open at those times).

True story – I was struggling for years with an issue in my business and just couldn’t make it happen. When I wrote the story of my life how I wanted it to be, it happened within 3 months.

Take action.

Once you have your life script and know what your ideal life looks like, it’s time to take action. For example, if your life script entails meeting and marrying your ideal partner, ask yourself how you can make room for them to come into your life. Start taking steps now so that you are ready when this person appears.

It may sound silly, but doing simple actions such as making more room in your closet for your future partner’s clothes, opens your heart and mind to the future that you want. You are showing the Universe/God/Whatever you call it, that you are really ready and want someone in your life.

Another way of achieving what you want in your life script, is to keep an eye out for signs and opportunities, and to act on them when they appear. A perfect example of this is my friend Karen. She’s a single woman who desperately wanted to become a mom. The problem was, she didn’t have the funds for private adoption. Then one day she saw a state adoption event posted in her area.

She went to the event, went through the process, and is now finally approved for adopting a child! Her dream of becoming a mom will soon becoming true, all because she saw (and acted on) an unexpected opportunity.

So there you have it – 3 steps towards finding happiness that you can start taking today.  Of course there’s no one magic formula to becoming happy.  Remember, the path to happiness often isn’t a straight line. There are twists and turns and usually a few bumps in the road. But with an open heart and a little faith (mixed in with action) it’s definitely possible to achieve.

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