Creating A Six Figure Dog Walking Biz



As promised, this week I’m talking about how I went from making $35,000 a year in my office job, to owning my pet sitting business bringing in close to $300,000 a year!

In today’s post, I reveal the 3 simple things that set me up for business success (even though I had no business experience whatsoever).

But first, let me tell you how my career journey started out…working a 9-5 office job in the probation department of a courthouse.

My days consisted of taking payments for fines, getting hit on by criminals (ummm…no thanks!), and typing up long, boring descriptions of what happened in the courtroom. Hardly the excitement and drama portrayed on shows like Law & Order or Special Victims Unit!

Even though I grew to hate my job, my rent wasn’t going to pay itself! So I worked hard, received several promotions, and even started taking classes at night to become a probation officer.

But even with the growing “success” at my job, my unhappiness wasn’t going away. And it even showed up in some physical symptoms – headaches, stomach pain, and anxiety, just to name a few.

I knew things had to change and then one day it hit me…

If I can be successful at a job that I don’t like, imagine how successful I could be if I was doing something I loved!

My first step was trading in my office job for a job working with animals. This allowed me to get experience while working in a job that I actually LIKED going to everyday. Then, after awhile, I was ready to spread my wings.

When I started my pet sitting company I did 3 simple (but crucial) things:

1.) I put the word out (here, there, and everywhere!) that my business existed.

2.) I made sure that I stood apart from my competition in a big way.

3.) I got my mindset right – super important, yet often overlooked: Even though I would be working with pets, it was the humans who were actually my clients.

***In my next post, I’m going into specific details on how I actually put these 3 simple steps into action to create a 6 Figure Business!***

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