Does Your Job Fit With Who You Are Today?


I want you to take a quick trip back in time with me and think of your first love.

Remember that feeling of being super in love and all mushy gushy?

At the time, you probably even thought the two of you were going to be together forever.

Yeah… thank God that didn’t work out! Am I right? 🙂

I don’t know about you, but it’s a damn good thing I didn’t marry my first love.

If I had, I’m pretty sure one of us would probably be dead right now. (One of us, meaning him of course!)

Seriously though, the point is that sometimes the choices we make in the past, aren’t the same ones we would make today.

As the years go by, we get older (and wiser) thankfully!

Our tastes change.

Our priorities change.

And most importantly, we are more in touch with who we really are!

Which is exactly why you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you chose a career path that doesn’t fit who you are today.

I see a lot of shame and guilt around this very topic.

People feel trapped in jobs because they think that they’ve made their bed and so they must lie in it.

They feel because they’ve invested time, money, education, etc towards a certain path, that they must stick to it.

It’s a self-inflicted prison with no chance of parole.

But I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

You have a right to be happy.

And you have a right to change your mind…

(Sing it Bobby Brown!)

“I don’t need permission. Make my own decisions. It’s my prerogative!”

How’s THAT for old school wisdom?

Just remember, it’s natural for us to grow and evolve. And it’s also natural for us to want to find a career that matches who we are today. (Not who we were years ago.)

So let go of the guilt, the embarrassment and shame of wanting something different for yourself.

Nothing is wasted and everything is a learning experience.

An amazing adventure is waiting for you, IF you have the courage to be who you really are!


Is your current job a good fit for the person you are today?  Leave me a comment and let me know what changes you need to make to have a more authentic work/life experience.



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