Part 2 – Creating A Six Figure Pet Sitting Biz


The other day I shared with you the 3 simple steps I took that set my pet sitting business up for 6 Figure success!  In cased you missed it, check it out first and then c’mon back!

Today I’m going into detail on each one of these steps so that you can apply these same principles to your future successful business. (These steps apply to any service based business, pet related or not!).

So let’s get started!

1.) Getting the word out about my pet sitting company

These days we tend to focus on online marketing first – Facebook, Twitter, etc. And while those avenues are great, it’s also important to not overlook the power of “old school” marketing.

When I first started my pet sitting company, I got business cards printed up on the cheap, and I made as many flyers as $100 could buy.

I then hit the pavement and hung up flyers and cards everywhere – local coffee shops, parks, vet’s offices, and grooming shops. You name it, my flyer was there, (including the windshield of every parked car I came across!) I made a special offer just for “new” clients. And you know what? It worked!

2.) Making sure I stood apart from my competition.

Doing your homework on the competion in your area is a biggie. Keep in mind, you don’t want to copy what they are doing. In fact, I did the complete opposite! I needed a way for people to know that my company was more than just about making money. It was about ensuring a true VIP experience for their furry loved ones! I came up with a slogan/marketing strategy that reflected this, which made choosing my company over the rest a true no brainer.

3.) Mindset is everything.

Most people who start a pet sitting company focus on just the pets. And while it’s super important to provide great care for them, their owners are the ones who are paying you! And that’s important to not forget. Not only do the pets need to feel special, the humans do too! So here’s where I stepped up my game and focused on providing excellent customer service. I thought about the value that potential clients would expect to receive, and then pleasantly surprised them by going the extra mile.

Talk about simple right? But it’s the simplest things that can make the difference between a business that is just surviving, to a business that’s THRIVING!

***In my next post, I’ll explain how I went from a single client to more clients than I could handle! And I’ll reveal the ONE thing I did that totally leveled up my business.*** (Doing so caused my revenue to QUADRUPLE in my 2nd year!)

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